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Veteran's Day: USDA pod cast Fridays on the Farm


In honor of Veteran's Day, here is a story about a veteran who used farming and beekeeping to help overcome PTSD.
The article concludes with USDA programs that are available to soldiers that are returning home and trying to start a new career.

read about this program before, read some of the heartbreaking stories of the participating vets and how farming and keeping bees has helped them with PTSD.

pretty cool

Our local bee club has established a Veteran's scholarship program.  It is pretty much identical to the youth scholarship program we have.  The  Veteran has a mentor, also a Veteran, and receives wooden ware, bees, bee suit, smoker, etc.  In return the club asks that they be an active member of the club for 2 years and give a presentation about the beekeeping journey.  Our veterans have suffered some type of injury or psychological injury.
There is also a program near Manhattan, KS. entitled S.A.V.E.  It's a program for veterans.  The veterans make and sell wooden ware products in addition to other manufactured beekeeping products.  They have a beekeeping program called Golden Prairie Honey.  This page tells all about their program. 
I have bought  several of the telescoping lids and I think they will outlast me!

We have helped farmstead trainer get bees and equipment. He helps train vets to become self sufficient farming. We were proud.


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