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Hello Ya'll and Happy Holidays

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Been really busy here aquired 10 more acres of land and am trying to get it ready for the survey crew. We were told they were about a month and a half behind and would get to us about thanks giving.

Well guessing they are a bit more behind than they thought as Thanks giving is gone by.

I did make a black friday score and got some woven wire fence 330 feet for $40.00 off each

:D        Al

Hey Alley, great to see ya! :)

Hi Al!  Glad to hear your doing well and staying busy.  Keep us posted.  Pictures would be nice.  Hint. Hint.  ;)

We had 10 vacant acres between us and the horse farm next door. It had been farm feild at one time, I have no idea when it was last farmed as it was vacant when we moved in here 34 years ago.
It was put up for sale a year after we bought our home and should have bought it at that time but we had other plans.

As life is full of twist and turns steps forward and steps back wards our plans fell thru. Then 14 months ago the young fellow who had permission to hunt there got rather snotty with me. I also had permission to be on the property to cut dead and down fire wood, walk my dogs there and as i always did ever years after beeing asked I would plow up a garden every spring.

So I am walking my dogs on a Sunday afternoon and the young fellow hunting there had not called and said he was goiung to be hunting.
I get bck to the house and told her mister Upton is going to be calling me I bet. Sure as carter made liver pills I get the call on Monday. Mister Upton and I had a nice chat and I said all the young fellow has to do is call and let me know he is going to be hunting and he will never see me.

At that time I asked if he was intrested in selling the place since it was in a trust, I had a realitor check on it. He said he might be in mind to do that, I told him at least he would not have to pay taxes on the place and he would get some money from us and gain some interest.

Afer months of phone calls between he and I we agreed on a price and the intrewst rate of a land contract. More months of dealing with a lawyers choice of a land contract company we closed Oct 1st.

:D   Al


Now ya'll would like to see some pictures right?

I built a new drive way at the very top of the hill as ours was over the crest, we have had close calls several times by people flying over the hill as we are starting to pull out or turn in.

the county can and said I can't do that unless we pay them a whole bunch of money and tie our two propertys together whoich we can't since it is a land contract.
I warned the county we get hit shame on them some one get hit and the shame will be deep and pain full to the tax payers.

To the right of the big pine tree is a old path down thru the center of the place.

The drive way from the road I put in and now have torn it out.

This is the path back to where I was getting the dirt and which was going to be a big upside down U drive way.

this is what we call the pond. full of water in the spring after the snow melts but dry during the summer and grows som nice grass. Note the clump of swamp milk week in the picture. A south west view.

This is a west view. the blooms you see across the pond is Elder berries.

:D       Al


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