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Righting a Mistake of 33 years.

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Thirty Thirty years ago our long range plans were far differnt than todays. Back then the long range plan was to work, find a property in Michigans UP to buy and retire to in the future.
In 1986 the 10 acre property south of us was put up for sale but we just egnored it since it was not in the plan to live here.

Our plans got changed in the late 1990's when we were called upon to care for elderly parents both mine and Kares.

A dispute with a snot nose hunter resulted in a phone call from the out of state owner who had bought the property where he was going to retire to. His plans were changed when his wife got cancer and fought the good fight for many years. But she did succumb to it and he moved south to be near a son.

when the owner called I asked if he wanted to sell the land since he had it in a trust(I had did my home work on it) he was paying taxes on it and it was not makeing him any money. He said ya he could sell the place so after many months of phone calls between us we finally signed the papers in Sept. and have our additional 10 acres of vacant land.

Now if I could win the lottery and had millions to play with I would make the people north of me an offer they couldn't really refuse. then since the house is a modular sell it cheap (like a couple bucks) to some one with it HAS TO BE MOVED IN 6 MONTHS TIME.

Will make it easier to get across the creek and into my wood lot.

future food plot.          See the fawns under the pine tree?

:D     Al

Nice addition, with groceries supplied. Can't beat that.

So thinking our orginal drive way is over the crest of a hill,  you really are takeing your life in your hands going out and in. People drive way to fast down the gravel road to stop.

I decided I could put in a new driveway and hook it up to the presant one on top of the hill.

The county came along after I was finished except for the final layer of gravel and said I could not have a drive way there unless.

I paid them a fee to get a permint to do it the way THEY wanted it.

Even then I could not connect it to our pressent driveway unless we combined the property for taxes.
We would then not have vacant property taxes to pay but a resident tax bill about 3 times the rate.

We couldn't combine the propertys even if we wished because we are buying on a land contract as the orginal owner didn't want a lump sum and ruin his 2018 taxes.

So I took the drive way out and served Notice to the county with a letter from a lawyer that they have left them open to a law suit since they refuse us to have a safer drive way.

Last time the county made a stupid move like telling people to stay home during snow/ice storms because they were going to save money and only clear the roads when the storm was over. they cost the tax payers 10 million when a car slid thru a stop sign and got broad sided killing a family of 4.

:D    Al

This is the trail I made back to where I was gewtting the dirt and sand for the new driveway.

We call this the pond it is always full of water in the spring when th wsnow melts and spring rain. I drys uo most summers depending on how dry of a summer it is . The blooms across there is Elder berrys. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat the3 birds to them when ripe.

Swamp milk weeds grow nicely in there and the monark butter flys love it.

This is a path down the north edge I walk my dods on and the deer travel.

This a path down thru the center where I walk the dogs drive the traqctors to get to the more woodie area.

This is also a tractor path and dag walking path down the south side.

:D        Al

This is a clear area looking north about 2/3d's of the way to the back. I am planing to grow a food plot there come spring.

This is from the center path looking north of the clearing.

Many Oak trees on the property in some areas.

This a wooded area along the back line fence & creek.

This is that 2/3 back clearing looking south to the horse farm fence.

this is the deer I mean horse farm next door pasture.

A clump of swamp milk weed for thr Monarks and when in bloom the hoiney bees.

Wrong camera to get a great picture of these two fawns under the white pine.

:D      Al


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