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My name is Tony.  I live in a medium sized town in Wisconsin.  This is my 3rd year as a beekeeper.  There is A LOT to learn.  I do have a mentor.  I just found out that he is an admin on this site! Hi zweefer!!  I currently have 2 hives, they are looking very good!  I run all medium size boxes.  I am short, so these boxes work good for me.  I am in this for the fun of the bees!  Honey is a bonus to help pay for the fun.

Happy Beekeeping!


Welcome! You’ll find there are many other here that know a lot more than I do, and you will not find a friendlier bunch of beekeepers anywhere else, I guarantee it!  In the meantime, feel free to browse the forums and utilize the search bar for any specifics you may have... or when all else fails, start a new thread!

Welcome to the forum, goforlow! 

Wandering Man:
Welcome to the forum.

Hey WELCOME!  You got one of the best guys around for a mentor! Looking forward to hearing the interesting stories. Especially those about your mentor!   :laugh:


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