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DIY Boxes
« on: June 29, 2020, 01:42:09 am »
Perry has a great post on this here, but unfortunately the photos have disappeared, so here is my take, hopefully with working photos...

Materials needed:
1x12 6ft long. (Deeps)
1x8 6ft long (Mediums and shallows)
Table saw
nails or screws

Some boxes have really pretty dovetails on the sides.  These are not those kind of boxes.  I have found that for a lot less work, rabbit joints do the trick and last just as long.  There are those who argue that rabbit joints even offer more surface area to glue than the dovetail joints, so there is that.... I have boxes that were built 5 years ago that are still in service. I guess my point is, if it ain't broke...  :)

One more thing before we get started... I didn't need to make any 10 frame boxes, so the photos will show a medium nuc.  It is the exact same process, only except for 16-1/4" boards on the ends, it is 9-1/8"...

For deeps, rip the 1x12 to 9-5/8". Then cut 2 pieces at 19-1/8" and 2 at 16-1/4".
Mediums get ripped at 6-5/8". Lengths are the same as the deeps.
For shallows, rip 1x8 to 5-11/16. Lengths are the same as the deeps.

All four pieces ripped and cut to length...

Next, rabbit 3/8" (1/2 width of the board) down 5/8" along the top of the shorter pieces (16-1/4”).  This will be your frame rests.

Next rabbit 3/8" (again, 1/2 width of the board) down 3/4" (width of the board) along the sides of the shorter board (16-1/4”) when finished the short boards will be rabbited on three sides.

Next, glue the side rabbits and assemble the box, fastening the ends to the sides with nails, staples, or screws.     

Your box is now ready to put frames in!

I will address the question of hand holds for the boxes on another post.  For now, just know there are several ways to do it, from routers, to dados on a table saw, to nailing cleats to the outside of the box.
There is also already a thread on the topic here, but once again several photos are missing, thus my desire to recreate a new thread.  Until then hopefully that thread or this one, or even this one will help you out.
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Re: DIY Boxes
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2020, 11:04:04 pm »
   Wheres the vids? VIDS! Wait, I don't want to see you, have your wife do it and video her!   :laugh:
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