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Recently purchased a harvest right freeze drier, this thing is awesome!!!!

Have only run it a few times, but will be super helpful for our scouts high adventure trips - currently getting food ready for the boundary waters trip in Aug.

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So.. wait, it freezes, and dehydrates?

It is a freeze drier. It removes the water out of it better dehydration gets 80-90% of moisture out, whereas freeze drying gets 98-99%.   
Flavor is intact with freeze drying, as well as keeping most of the vitimans and minerals found in the food - these can break down with traditional heat dehydration.

Shelf life of freeze dried is a bit longer as well...   
just know it is dehydration to the next level...

The other main difference is how it is handled. Freeze dried food can be rehydrated much easier. Add some water and it is just like before!

NICE! Going to have to check that out!

Thanks for the report! I've read a lot about them on another site I frequently, but they're a bit outside my budget at the moment. Hearing good reviews makes it sound more affordable however, that's for sure!

- K


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