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dry canning grains?

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Grandma Bear:
I'm sick of keeping our grains in 5 gallon fingers are wrists are tired of wrestling lids and my back no longer loves me when I wrestle the filled buckets out from under the stairwell. Someone told me to dry can our grains instead but I'm struggling to find information on the proper processes. Doesn't it overdry the grains?

I have never dry canned and never heard of it.  I did find this.
This article offers two alternatives.  My first thoughts went to vacuum sealing.  Vacuum sealers and the appropriate bags can be expensive.  I have known people that swear by them. I guess in the long run it would pay for itself.

I store my grains in 5 gal pails with screw top lids... you can buy them at any hardware store... saves on the headache of prying the lid.

Don’t know what to tell you on the weight however....

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Grandma Bear:
Thank you! Y'all are the bestest   :yes:

My oldest son is getting me some tiny scooter type stands for the buckets to sit on, so all I will need to do from now on is roll them out by the handles. This getting older thing ain't for sissies I'm telling ya. Some of y'all said I'm young at 50....well, this 50 year old mom of 5 and grandma bear to 11, has raised 22 children, was a firefighter for a decade, worked as a roofer from 13-19, worked on farms with kids in tow from 21-25, and took wonderful care of everyone BUT myself FEELS DEEPLY every second of all of those wonderful years  :laugh:

I'm still going...just slower and now it hurts  8)

If it hurts don't do it, if it's arthritis, well I sent you a recipe for a remedy I take.  And I love the cheat your son got you.  But screw on tops are surely easier.  My question is what is the difference between dry storage in buckets and dry storage in jars?


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