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I'm looking for a book on apitherapy basics.  My mom has some sort of recurring thumb pain that I'd like to try a sting or two on, if she'll let me.  :)  I'd also just like to have some basic understanding of how apitherapy can be used for various conditions, so I could help out my family and friends with aches or pains if something like that comes up.  I've got the bees already of course, and I'm the kind of person who wants to get the most out of any resource, and this is an interesting use for the hives that I don't know anything about.           

iddee has experience with this. 
I know that if I get stung in the vicinity of my arthritis I have had relief for up to 4 months.  There is an apitherapist named Rhea Carlson from back East.  If come across anything she has written, she is very knowledgeable.  She did a demonstration on a woman with arthritis in her hands.  She stung her right on an inflamed knuckle.  The woman said it hurt something terrible.  I don't know what the out come was.


It definitely works for some people, yours truly for one.


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