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It's getting hot, hot, hot!


With the official start of summer a few days away, if you haven't already, it's time to consider providing a supply of fresh, clean water for your bees.
This is a watering station I made out of recycled materials.

Can you show me yours?

Wandering Man, nature has provided a water source for you at the present.  Too much of a good thing, I guess you would say.

Wandering Man:
Under normal circumstances, we use a poultry drinker from Tractor Supply.

Of course now, we just hope our bees don't drown on their way to forage.

If anyone wants water, just mail me as many buckets as you want filled.  I'll fill them up and send them back.  This will be good, brackish Texas water, the kind your bees love.  Frog and mosquito larvae are thrown in for free!

Be sure to include return postage.


Thanks, but I am finally getting some of my own, freight free.


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