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Georgia license required


Georgia boys/gals doing removals now need a license.

I have mixed feelings on this oneā€¦

I am on the fence too Zweefer. I wonder what the fees are for registering?  And what are the benefits of registering with the state?  Are you put on a call list?  Do you have to have insurance? Probably  But, removing bees from a structure can lead to a lot of damage.  One crazy cowboy that doesn't know what he is doing can lead to a lot of frustration for the homeowner.

There's more to it than the fee. You also have to attend x amount of classroom training and do 3 cutouts with a licensed remover.  2 sides of the coin, the unlicensed experienced beekeeper can't remove a hive in the floor of his neighbors porch. The inexperienced wannabe beekeeper that watched youtube can't go tear his neighbors ceiling out because he "thinks" that's where the bees are going only to find out they are in the soffit.   


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