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At the state beekeeping meeting, I got into a bidding war for a Maxant Bottling Tank and hope that I don't regret it.  Based upon the brand, I stuck to my guns and paid $101.  It is older and I can't find any serial numbers or model # on the unit.  Comparing the measurements to Maxant's website I can tell that it holds 16 gallons.  It will need a new gate, electrical cord, and new lid.  I plugged it in and could tell the heating element was working but the electrical cord was getting warm in the short time I had it plugged in.  I don't see a temperature gauge.  Pictures are below.  Any thoughts?  I hope you don't tell me that I should have let the other guy have it!

Out on a limb here having never used/worked on one.  Probably about 1500 watts @ 120v = 12-13 amps which will "warm" a small cord. Does it look like original cord?  Does the thermostat work? Did you have any liquid in it? Uses an immersion thermometer. Heating element (if I'm close on guessed wattage) should read in the 9-10 ohms range.  Apparently didn't blow your circuit breaker in your dwelling so the element is probably good. You need to put some water in it and drop a thermometer in it and see if the thermostat is working.     

I think you did good. Even if you end up replacing a heating element.

I was able to test the tank today.  I filled the reservoir with water and dumped about 2 gallons of tepid water in the tank.  No breakers were blown.  The cord was warm near the plug, but not hot. The gate is the first thing to be replaced. Rusted screws, broken, and leaky.  I did this in my unheated honey house so indoors it might heat up even faster.  It would definitely heat up faster if I didn't have to catch the water leaking out of the gate and pour it back in the top! The water got to 130 degrees which is too hot I fear.  I can't see a way to adjust the temperature.  The homemade lid with flaking paint has got to go.  That has no place around food.

I have a 16 gallon Maxant bottling tank with the no drip valve and love it, Just wish I had gotten the bigger one.

Is yours a "tank inside of a tank" or "jacketed"?  it does not look like it from the pics, looks more like the water to warm the tank is only on the bottom. Mine is a tank inside of a tank and the heating element has an adjustable thermostat. I unplug the thermostat instead of turning it off, that way it will stay set to your desired temp. I try to run mine at 100 F and let honey settle for at least over night before bottling. Kelley use to have a good selection of heaters and pics. if you can find the maker of the heater then look them up on the net. It has to have a thermostat on it some where and may be adjustable, just might need a screwdriver.

Instead of a plastic gate I would swap it out for a ball valve or the no drip valve. You will not be disappointed. The plastic gate will be a dripper, I do not trust them for any long term storage.

Mine has a sight tube on the side to tell how much water is in the jacket and a thermometer that goes to the inside of the honey tank.

For a hundred bucks you did not get hurt at all, if you were closer I would give you your money back.


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