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Warmest Christmas on record


I believe we set a weather record today.  These two grandsons took to the back deck to play chess.  I love board games under the Christmas tree.  Fine year to make stocking hats for everyone.  It was too warm for most everyone to wear them.  These two guys seem to enjoy wearing theirs.

We almost didn’t have a white Christmas here. (Has happened before, but is rare).

Hoping yours was a good one!

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Zweefer,  can I assume that it's been fairly dry up there in Wisconsin?  We have some scattered rain in the forecast tomorrow. Fingers crossed that we get some.  It's so dry I have been watering nectar and pollen plants that I added to the landscape in fall.  I am also keeping an eye on my Bee Bee Tree's moisture.  This will be it's second winter.


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