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While I'm wading thru the Pests and Diseases section, have any of you used Hopgaurd 3? And what do think of Hopgaurd?

I used the original Hopguard, It worked fair..  never used two or three because I started treating with OA. Have never needed anything else.

I have used Hopguard, in the spring, a few years back.  I don't remember if it was 3 or not.  It worked fine.  Others report they have not had good success with Hopguard.

Reason I'm asking is, I've been using OA vap for over 15 years with great luck. My vaporizer is a Heilizer made in Canada and I now have their newest model which is terrific.

Two years ago early Fall, I get the mite explosion of the century. Five robust, healthy hives and Thousands of mites all of a sudden. I keep fresh sticky boards under all my hives and check them weekly. A seasoned bee buddy said to go into those mites with double guns, so I did. I didn't want to do FormicPro because the bees were already weekend by the mites so it could have killed too many bees. So I went with Apivar - 6 week treatment, plus an OA vap every 4 days until the mites were knocked out and past the mite breeding period of 21 days.

Seems the mite explosions or mite bombs can occur with how many mother mites there are in the hive, and how many daughters those mother mites produce. This factor is what can make a mite explosion.

That is when i thought the mites might be getting resistant to OA and I've been experimenting with different treatments so I can alternate spring and fall treatments.

As I understand it, its not possible for them to become resistant to OA. OA does not kill by being ingested.  Mite bombs can happen at any time, and its not usually from your own hive. A neighbors hive, a feral hive not being treated is overrun by mites, eventually the bees abscond and find a new place to live, and they take a LOT of those mites with them, straight to YOUR hives...


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