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this is a series of 10 videos on swarm behavior/swarming by professor tom seely. each video very short but a great glimpse into swarm behavior.

"This is the full 10 part series in order. Prof Tom Seeley explains his research findings on how bees go through the entire process of swarming to find a new home. Recorded at Cornell University in 2010 and subsequently published on" :


my favorite two videos:

this one entitled PIPER & BUZZ RUNNERS:
"Published on Oct 26, 2015 Part 4 in which Prof. Seeley explains that the consensus of scouts must now announce that a new home site has been selected and arouse the resting bees to get ready to fly there."

wax scales being produced entiltled WAX SIXPACKS:
"Published on Oct 26, 2015
In part 9 Prof Seeley shows and tells about bees making wax."

also, i have uploaded a pdf file from bee culture june 2016; SWARM SIGNALS.
a short but good article describing how the bees warm their flight muscles to swarm takeoff  and a short description on buzz running and piping/communication of scout bees.

A great series of videos, thanks riverbee!

Dr. Rangel, one of Dr. Seeley's doctoral students, did research on some of these points for her doctoral here to hear her 107 minute explanation of that research given at Britain's National Honey Show.  :)

One interesting point she discovered was that bees can actually scout potential hive locations BEFORE they swarm.  Those same bees camped at the new location and defended it against scouts from other colonies.  Very interesting research!  :)

Good videos for sure.

I got to see two different swarms battling for the same spot one day, very interesting. Could not figure out what all of the fighting was about as I was removing a swarm from a wall that had just moved in hours before. Got a call a little later in the day and another swarm had moved into the next cavity over.

WOOT!!!   I was waiting for this!!   I EMailed him some time ago, and he replied that he was making a video to explain more fully...   THANK YOU Mrs River.. got to go make a rum and coke and watch this!

thanks scott! i enjoy and learn something every time i read or see something from seeley. wish i had his knowledge! 
leave it to you to send him an email! 

a great set of videos! short, (my attention span for you tube vids is not very long......... :D :D :D)


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