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Packaged bees pricing 2021

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I just saw the first package bees pricing for spring 2021.  $149 per package.  10% off if you buy 2 packages.  Has anyone else see any pricing yet?

Splits sound real good.

You aren't checking out our advertisers on WWB.

Our prices here in upper northern Calif for this year, were $150 nucs, and $115 packages.

I see where another supplier, which operates out of Arizona and Missouri, is charging $135.  Last year they sent out an email last year charging $135, but to returning customers the price was $110.  The discount was given a little closer to spring, so perhaps they hadn't sold as many packages as they had hoped to. This supplier also has various routes and they stop at designated locations where you can pick up your packages.

Jen: Those are reasonable prices.

Sounds like $215 a package here in Alaska. Some higher even. +$60 shipping. :sad:
Fingers crossed one hive makes it.


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