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Forum News, Suggestions, Questions / Re: Apples
« Last post by apisbees on Yesterday at 10:39:05 pm »
I feel sorry for all you that have to go buy apples I just have to pick them off the tree. More are left on the trees to drop on the ground for the bears to eat than get picked.
Laugh A Little / Re: Hap-bee Halloween!
« Last post by neillsayers on Yesterday at 10:19:36 pm »
Love it! Hope to do something similar this year. If it turns out okay I'll share a pic. :)
Go check it out They are not all lost just a little work to get them to show up.
Welcome / The Left Coast..
« Last post by tecumseh on Yesterday at 10:26:27 am »
I am visiting my wife and my father in law in Northern California (Los Altos Hills).  Just a wee bit south of Stanford University.  It is quite enjoyable to see the proliferation of flowers still growing here and to id varieties that are attractive to honeybees this late in the season.  As is my habit I also try to locate and rub elbows with a beekeeper where ever I go.  At this time it is the beekeeper who attends the bees at Stanford and who also does removals in the area... he is quite the story teller.  Another just down the street. As in many places there are now bees where you never would think there would be beehives...

In about a week or so back to Texas and my winter schedule of keeping bees < primarily assembling and maintaining equipment + continue work on my honey house remodel.  Reports from there via friends is 'winter is coming'.

Gene in Central Texas...
Any and Every Thing / Re: Good Evening Post
« Last post by brooksbeefarm on Yesterday at 09:57:26 am »
Frost here last night 33F, we are in a low spot. >:( I dug one role of sweet potato's yesterday, 75 ft long roles and have 3 roles to go ( we cut the vines off and lay them on top of the undug sweet potato's to keep them from freezing. Supposed to bee 60F to 65F this coming weekend, i will put more feed on the bees that are short on stores. You people up North keep that "S" word up there ! As you know i HATE that stuff!!! Jack
General Beekeeping / Re: Mosquitoe spray
« Last post by Wandering Man on Yesterday at 12:18:23 am »
I think I posted this on here somewhere before.  This is an idea created by an Elementary School's Lego's Robotics Team.

I'll send you the PDF via pm:

Instructions: How to make the Beekeeper 20,000
The Beekeeper 20,000 is a tent system invented by the Blue Rays FIRST Lego robotics team to protect beehives from the aerial spraying of pesticides. On nights that aerial pesticide spraying will occur, place the pop-up, lightweight, easy to use Beekeeper 20,000 over the hive. Use the mister (attached to any garden hose) to call the bees inside and help ensure the temperature stays sufficiently cool. Zip the tent closed until spraying is complete. Once spraying is over, unzip the tent to allow the bees to exit. Remove the tent from the hive as soon as possible once spraying has occurred. Leave the tent outside for an additional few days to allow any further residue from the pesticide to break down and evaporate.
The Beekeeper 20,000 is made from two parts that are readily available on
 Gigatent Pop-up Pod Changing Room (Price ranges from $24.50 to $29.00)
 MistyMate 15006 Keepin’ Cool Portable Misting kit (Price ranges from $9.90 to $12)
Easy to use and lightweight pop-up tent. Stakes secure it to the ground.
The mister enters from bottom of the tent and is clipped inside the tent, along the sides. It sprays mist at the top center of the tent, over the bee box.
Beekeeper 20,000
The Pop-up tent comes collapsed and in a bag. Remove the tent from the bag and fully open the tent. The tent comes with stakes that can be used to secure it to the ground.
Remove the MisyMate from the box. Only one of the misting nozzles is needed to mist the bees. The other five misting valves should be plugged. You can use the plastic bag that the MistyMate is packaged in to accomplish this. Simply cut five 1”x1” squares from the plastic bag. Before screwing in the gray misting nozzle into the beige misting hose, place one of the square plastic pieces over the hole where the gray nozzle is screwed in. Then screw the gray nozzle and plastic square into the hole.
Be sure to leave the last nozzle at the far end of the MistyMate open (do not plug with plastic).
Next test the mister by hooking it up to a garden hose and turning it on. Water mist should come out of the one open nozzle; mist should not spray from the holes you have plugged.
Attach the MistyMate to the inside of the tent using the clips provided by MistyMate. Clip the one open nozzle to the top center of the tent using the clips.
Be sure to enter the tent, with the hose, from the bottom (underneath) and not through the doorway. The remaining excess hose can then be clipped to the side of the tent all the way to the bottom where it enters the tent.
The hose must enter from the bottom to ensure that no pesticide can enter the tent and mix with the mist.
To protect your bee box from mosquito spraying, lift the tent with the MistyMate attached over the bee box. Unzip the doorway and roll it up. Secure it in the up position with the fasteners on the inside of the Gigatent. You can secure the tent to the ground using the stakes and string provided by Gigatent, by following their directions. Turn on the water mist and the bees should respond appropriately.
At dusk and before Mosquito spraying occurs, unfasten the door flap, roll it down, and zip the bees inside. Keep the mister on until you are ready to remove the tent to prevent bees form overheating. The tent should be removed as soon after mosquito spraying has occurred as possible. If possible leave the empty tent outside for several days to ensure all of the pesticide has broken down and evaporated.
Questions? Email the Blue Rays at

On Edit:  I can't send attachments, so I'll provide a link to the PDF file here:!AgsKbxIRN0RygrExl-kOL62kRcQeng

Any and Every Thing / Re: Good Evening Post
« Last post by riverbee on Yesterday at 12:15:18 am »
earliest snow for us since i don't remember.  i dislike it. a little later in the day, an explosion, (transformer i think), the lights flickered, went on and off, but we lost no power. sure not looking forward to anymore shoveling......or maybe i should say ANY SHOVELING......... :laugh:

Forum News, Suggestions, Questions / Apples
« Last post by brooksbeefarm on Yesterday at 12:10:42 am »
For Apple lovers close to mid- Missouri,  the Tunas, Missouri Apple sales is the 26th and 27th of Oct. 2018. There will be several big shipping crates full of different varieties of Apples, like  Honey Crisp, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Johnathan, , ect. and many more ! They have container bags and pull wagons for you to go from one apple crate to the other. Last year the prices was either 0.27 cents a pound or 0.29 cents a pound for any variety of apple. Jack
Laugh A Little / Re: Hap-bee Halloween!
« Last post by riverbee on October 15, 2018, 11:57:36 pm »
pretty cool zweefer! gonna have to do the same!
Forum News, Suggestions, Questions / Re: Pictures in Do-It-Yourself Plans and Prints
« Last post by riverbee on October 15, 2018, 11:55:48 pm »
thanks for your reply.

pictures do paint a thousand words!  it does help!

i have not yet heard back from the member, but will let you know by pm as soon as i do. 

best wishes to you and plz don't be a stranger on the forum. and thx!
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