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Any and Every Thing / Large hail
« Last post by Zweefer on Today at 02:10:24 am »
For Jen

Oh the smell of dirty gym socks!  Goldenrod has been blooming since 9/2.  A walk past the hives this evening and the stench is powerful!
Heath Asters 9/17.
New England Asters 9/20.
Recipes / Re: What's Cookin'
« Last post by .30WCF on Yesterday at 05:43:51 pm »
My grandmother’s recipe for Molasses Crumb Pie. It takes about 45-50 minutes in my oven. If the pie is moist and gummy in the middle it’s right, if it’s cake like, you baked it too long.

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General Beekeeping / Re: Winter Pollen Patties
« Last post by iddee on September 20, 2022, 04:38:26 am »
Winter pollen patties are snake oil. Give them home made sugar blocks. That's all they need. Pollen is for brood, not adult bees.
General Beekeeping / Re: Winter Pollen Patties
« Last post by Jen on September 19, 2022, 11:05:16 pm »
Give this post a second try  :)
General Beekeeping / Re: My First Ever Disaster
« Last post by The15thMember on September 19, 2022, 06:07:15 pm »
Well, we got it done, although it was hairy again!  My sister came with me today, as I mentioned, to try and inspect this hive, and when I lifted the lid off we had a bunch of bees rush out at us.  My sister got stung on the arm almost right away.  She was a wearing pair of coveralls, and they were just too thin to protect her enough from angry bees, so I had her go down to the garage and put on a long-sleeved shirt I had in there and my leather gloves so she'd be better protected.  Once she was re-suited up, I had her remove the boxes while keeping them covered with my robbing cloths to try to minimize the flying bees, and I had her stack the boxes squarely so there wouldn't be gaps for the bees to get out of the boxes I wasn't working.  I quick centered the frames in the bottom box, and then rapidly inspected the second one, stopping halfway to smoke myself and let the bees calm down a little bit.  There were SO MANY bees in the air, and I did get a sting on my side and a second glancing one on the neck which I only found later.  My sister sat a little ways away, and I called out the contents of the frames for her to note down as I went, and then called her over whenever I needed a box replaced on the hive.  I didn't bother inspecting the fully capped super, and I put the top box over the triangle escape board.  I'll have to suit up tomorrow to remove it, which is a pain; I usually just throw on a veil for that job, but not with these girls!  Then I'll give them a good three weeks without bothering them, and hopefully they'll be more manageable by then.   
General Beekeeping / Re: My First Ever Disaster
« Last post by The15thMember on September 19, 2022, 01:10:12 pm »
It sounds like you handled things appropriately.

We haven't washed our suits or gloves because of stingers.  I'll scrape them off, and rotate my gloves if I'm going into another hive or two the next day, but my suit is lucky if it gets a bath more than once a year.
I'm an annual suit washer too, usually at the end of the season.  It just doesn't seem to be worth it to clean it and then get it immediately dirty again in the middle of the summer. 
General Beekeeping / Re: Ask and ye shall recieve
« Last post by Wandering Man on September 19, 2022, 11:01:27 am »
Yes, it probably was mites.  We got caught up in trying to second guess ourselves.  None of the treatments available other than OAV are recommended for temperatures over 86*.  We haven't seen temps that cool since February or March.  We'd treated last in May with OAV, but then we added new queens up and down the hives, and worried that OAV would either cause an absconsion or damage the queen, since we had so much brood, we'd have to treat three or four weeks in a row. 

We did treat with OAV last week.  Our temps are still in the 90's, so we've got to wait a few more weeks before we attempt something else. 

And thanks for reminding us to shoot a little OA into this hive.  I've got a queen excluder on the front, so they should stay put.
General Beekeeping / Re: Ask and ye shall recieve
« Last post by Bakersdozen on September 19, 2022, 07:27:11 am »
This time of year we start seeing colonies abscond due to high mite loads.  Could this be the case with your missing colonies?  I would treat your swarm for sure, once they are settled into their permanent home.

It's great that you have been able to maintain your colony numbers.
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