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coop attack!

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well once i got my hens up to a good laying age along came some varmints that found them away in. We all know how i like my chickens and wont stand for the raid i received. Found a buddy of mine that had some cage traps and coon cuffs and set out to end the perpetrators. by the five days end of my trapping i had two skunks, an opossum, and one pissed coon cuffed.  So for this springs adventure i will be getting me some more chicks.

Might want to get some material (will vary depending on how your coop is designed) and close up the openings BEFORE you get more chicks.  I'm sure you don't want to lather, rinse, repeat...

I hate coons, the only thing good that comes from them is tooth picks ;D I trap and introduce them to mr. Remington year round, a conservation officer said i couldn't do that, that they belong to the state of Mo. I told him that the state of Mo. had better come and get there property because the Brooks farm doesn't allow the SOB's on it. (Swell Old Boys). ;D So far haven't heard from them :no: Jack

coop reno as made asap and all is good in the chicken hood thus far.

lazy shooter:
I'm with Jack on coons.  Them and feral pigs are messengers from hades, as far as I concerned.  I trap both of them in live traps, but they don't live long after being trapped.


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