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Copper's new collar!

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Copper finally got a girlie collar! ;D
The cats are too goobered on their catnip toys which are already soaking wet.

looking good

She's such a pretty dog Perry, so glad she found you and Jane  ;)

Looking a that picture makes me wonder:  Does she have any memories of her younger years as a racer?  Would she think back on those days fondly?  I know that dogs remember well.  I'm sure though, that she would never rade her present home for the one she had before yours, Perry. 

I doubt that she remembers a whole lot, her "career" was so short. She only raced 15 times, she never came in first or second, and her biggest downfall (lucky for us) was she quit in her last 3 races, a big no no. We got her just before her second birthday I believe.
Our first girl Rosie had run over 80 races and was quite successful so she was not "retired" until she had turned 4.


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