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The first photo is my back yard coop and run when it was a year old, paint still looked pretty good then

When it was really hot I added a roost in the run and they just loved it, especially that big ornery roo (gave him away, visiting toddlers were at risk. )

Somewhere I have a photo of the coop on the lot. It is really plain jane but it has good solid walls and is relatively easy to weasel proof and lock birds in, very easy to overwinter them in, solid walls, in roof ventilation, and an open east wall, sits under my big elm so it is cooler in summer but almost not enough light to keep them laying.  It is the old girl retirement coop because the run is not as predator secure, fencing not tight enough to keep out rats weasels, and thieving squirrels.

  My younger layers are generally in the one pictured above, but I do want to repair some of the fencing between the shed and the run, and tighten up some gaps before I move the young girls in.  Currently it is empty and I have the chicks in the greenhouse for the 5 week old, and in the fish room for the 2 week old.

The Run is 8 foot wide and 12 ft long, about 8 ft tall. when I get out there to fence and tidy I will take a pic. There are roosts in the run, a 5 ft wide roost in the coop, which can be locked down to protect birds if necessary but doesn't do a great job in winter because it was built to shed heat, not hold it. and little roosts under the coop, so they can hang out and have room and not fight. I use a nipple watering system under the 5 gallon bucket in the run, and that bucket is what freezes if I don't plastic off the north wall, or I have to drop an aquarium heater in it, which I have done in the past. But it is much easier to keep the water thawed in the greenhouse or my other coop, so leaving this one empty in winter makes sense.

Man, if I see too many pictures like this I will end up with a few in the backyard. I would in a heartbeat but I have one neighbour who would probably not be thrilled. ;D

these are the tastiest Perry!

I'm trying to talk Miss Blueblood into having chickens. May have to study your coop for my own.


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