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Lost a calf to coyotes last night.  It was a calf that had issues since birth.  Once he was born he sucked then stumbled over a bank found the remnants of a woven wire panel and got his head and leg through one of the squares.  Of course this was on the coldest night of a mild winter.  I cut him out and he was ok but always a little slow. May have been slow from the get go.  I hate to get them started killing calves.

We got them also. Lost my oldest and most "mama" cow to them a couple of weeks ago. We will just hope she gave up her life to protect the twins that were born the same night.


What a huge loss. I've never had trouble like that where they take on a grown cow. I have had them take sheep, kids and calves. One Pyrenees dog can go long way to protect them-two even better. They are worth the feed.

It could be that mama cow never got up after birthing the twins. Coyotes are scavenger cleaning up nature. one never knows for sure.

I've seen them around here.  We think it was a coyote that ran off with one of our barn cats.  My kid saw it happen.  Cat was a fighter, came back the next day none the worse for wear.  We here them howling north of here.


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