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Hello Ya'll and Happy Holidays

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--- Quote from: Some Day on November 27, 2018, 07:44:13 pm ---So Al,

Will you have to get permission from the hunter to walk your dog now?

--- End quote ---
That's what I was thinking.  It's easy to see why he liked to hunt there.  Plenty of game.
Thanks for posting pictures.

Not sure where the south property line is so we hired a surveyor. they told us the they were about 6 weeks behind   putting them some time around Thanksgiving. They called Monday and told Kare first full week of December.

So it is really brushy on the west end I decided to go off where the horse farm mows out side their fence and clear a lane.

I worked up the hill useing the tractors front loader to push Autum Olive out of the way.

On top of the hill I continue to tward the county road.

Use the box blade on the bota to rip out roots of the Autum Olives makeing the path nice a level. Lady from the horse farm comes over and ask what I am doing and if I had bought the place.
told her yes we bought the place and we have a survey crew coming to make our south boundry her north one.

I didn't make it to the road that day so the second day she comes again and tells me I can push down all the Autum Olive soutyh of where I think the line is going to be as it stinks so bad in the spring. Told her just clearing where I think the line is going to be. I finish and get to the road.

About 4 days later I get a knock on the door late afternoon. It is a county sheriff cop, says the lady to the south called them saying I had infringed on their land as I was to far south with my line. Crazy woman never said a word to me when I was doing it.
So I tell the cop I have a recipt for a survyor to mark the line. He said she had a good line marker to her south and measured and I am off. I told the cop the survey will say where the line is and it trumps a tape measure used by a crazy woman.

I also told him every thing I had pushed down would grow back next summer if I was off. And that crazy woman wanted me to push it all down any way.

He told me if she gives me any grief to call him.

:D      Al

I hope you get along with crazy people Al.  Sounds like you have a challenge there.  ;)

Oh I get along with crazys just fine.  :laugh: :laugh:I think I am really crazyer than her any way.

:D          Al


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