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Hello Ya'll and Happy Holidays

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This is a path my dog and I walk twice a day on the north boundry of that property.

This is the path that goes east thru the center of the property the dog and I walk.

This is the path on the south edge near the horse farm.

This is a clearing that runs nearly all the way across the property north to south. I am going to plant food plots for the deer and turkeys there come spring. Looking north.

See the deer back behind the Oak leaf?

See it now?

:D         Al

This is about 20 yards from the east line fence about 30 yards from the creek.

This is the food plot clearing looking south to the horse farm fence.

This is a pair of deer taking advantage of a rainy day of grazing.

More of the clearing from the center path looking at the big Oak trees to the north.

This is another clearing , it to will become food plot come spring. OH see the two fawns?

Look under the pine tree in the center of the pic.

:D         Al

Thanks for the pictures Al, looks like a great place to stretch your legs.  :)

Some Day:
So Al,

Will you have to get permission from the hunter to walk your dog now?

He isn't getting permission to hunt here now. I don't care for people who get snotty with me.

Yes I am enjoying streaching my legs.

:D      Al


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