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Moving Out Of State and Transporting 2 Beehives

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Good Afternoon :)  I'm not the one moving, but a beekeeper in my area is moving to Idaho or Montana real soon. We are on the edge of winter here in upper northern California. Has anyone here on the forum taken their bees with them when moving to a location that is hours or possibly days of travel?

No, but I have driven a semi with 500+ hives of someone else's between states. 26 hours one way. 5 trips, back to back, each spring and fall for a few years. You must have them inspected and a health certificate issued by the origin state. Then some states require another inspection when they arrive there. Others don't.

As Iddee said, inspections might need to be done.  Here in KS, we don't have a state inspector and the laws are lax.  It would be a good idea to check with the future state.

Oooh, I didn't think of that. Great info. What would border inspectors be looking for?

AFB, EFB, fire ants, ETC. ETC.


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