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Black Locust Tree Bloom

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Stepped out on the deck last night and the air was filled with the scent of the black locust flowers.  It was
intoxicating.  Wish I could get a better pic but this is just a small example of how heavy the bloom is.  We have been in this house 8 years and have never experienced such a bloom.  Watching the bees this morning and none of them are bringing in pollen.  I’m guessing they are loaded up with nectar.

The black locust was blooming here last week.  I seems that it's a rare year when the black locust blooms are knocked out by a storm.  At least around here you can't expect a harvest from them, but when you do, it is great honey!

Baker the first year I had bees, we had a decent bloom and the honey crop was amazing.  I still have a small jar left over from that harvest to keep as comparison in case we ever got lucky again. Checking my hives tomorrow to see how they’re filling the frames.

loved the pic les!

The talk around leads me to think our unusual heat wave "knocked" the nectar out of the black locust blooms.


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