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My raised beds 2020.

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I was not sure I was going to do any thing with my raised beds this year. Tomatoes have been a problem child in this part of Michigan for my self and a couple friends.

2017 we were hit with early blight dease that wiped out 90% of Michigans tomato crop. Of course our home gardens got it also.

Since I use raised beds it isn't as easy to change the area where you grow the next years crop as suggested.
I did take outer steps how ever removeing all th edirt from the beds and hualing it away in the fall let the winter snow and rain wash the frames all winter and when spring came mix up some bleach soap (dish) and scrub the frames down inside and out.
Do a bleach rince a day later and refill with new soil.

Yet some brands like big boy do not do well and will start dieing off come mid July just when the crop is starting to come in.

But since I miss being able to walk out to the garden with a salt shaker I once again this year set a few plants out. Brands that in the past two years have been better than the adverage.

One bed I was just going to let lay this year and bury house hold scraps in it.
I made some butternut squash creamy soup and buried the peels and all the insides includeing the seeds.

I now have a bed full of butter nut squash, dumplings and cukes I planted to join them.
Only have two of my three beds plante dfor now.
May do the third bed later with a couple fall crops.

In 2016 my first year of raised beds My tomatoes grew about 7 feet tall. i have since learned how to prune and keep them manageable.

They really did well and the slat shaker was kept busy.

Spent all kinds of money for things to water my raised beds 4'x8' and found two things I made were the best. One was a old water bottle I drilled holes in and it fit over the end of the hose.
Worked really wel slipping between the plants and kept the water inside the beds.
the one I use today how ever is 1/2" PVC pipe I drilled a pair of rows of holes in a V pattern ad a valve to control the flow from high to a barly trickle. also can streach it out with a pair in all three raised beds.


2018 Raised beds early.

I use Marigolds a lot to keep a pest free garden.

the mock orange my wife was mad I spent money on.

Was not happy with the corn growing in the raised bed and do not do so any longer.

Tomatoes the cages just do not work.


Nice pictures, Alleyyooper.  What variety of tomato does your local Ag college recommend?
I'm not an expert on corn, but I would think you need a several rows of corn for pollination to happen as it's wind pollinated.

Looks nice!  Thanks for sharing.  My wife is talking of getting raised bed specifically for strawberries so they don’t creep beyond where they are supposed to be.

Nice post, Al. I enjoyed it. Beats my 4 tomato plants and 2 pepper plants hands down.


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