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Grandma Bear:
It's on our list for this year to start rearing our own queens. Wayne's bees tend to be a bit on the spicy side some of the time, and this old MeMaw has developed a tremor that makes me think grafting would be a colossal failure for me. What resources and methods can y'all recommend for an old gal who can't wait to raise good queens, but needs to make it as easy as possible...can you share with me the challenges you faced and how you overcame them?

 I assume you read the post below yours, that was pretty simple and easy to get a few cells pulled. To me, the most difficult part has always been getting enough nurse bees in the starter box and that is important. I think the next time I try I am going to use a five frame box so I can crowd the box with fewer bees. Some of us love to find excuses for not grafting (present company excluded :-) ), mine is my vision is giving me trouble.


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