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having a bee venom allergy myself, here are some videos and information on, and, how to use an epinephrine auto injector (i carry 2, and mine also came with a training pen, this got a lot of mileage from friends and family but everyone knows how to use it). as beekeepers we all ought to be aware and educated about a bee allergy and how to use an eppy.  if anyone has anything else to add, please feel free to do so.

another instructional video on vimeo:
EpiPen Training Administration Video

this is the eppy i use, great information on allergys and use of the auto injector:
EpiPen Home Page

Other useful informative links:
How To Use An EpiPen 12 Steps

Administer An Epinephrine Shot

Epinephrine Injection Medical Facts

lazy shooter:
Good information Riverbee!  Thanks for sharing this with us.  I believe that I am going to buy an epipen for our ranch.  My oldest son is allergic to his own snot.  He very likely may be allergic to bees.  Again, you are a doll to share this information.

Epis come with a practice stick.Learn how to use it before you need it.

yep buzzbee thanks, as stated in my post, the eppy's i use come with a training pen, and instructions.  instructions are on the pen also.  my doc showed me how to use it as well, and as did my pharmacist when i filled the prescription, which was pretty cool of him to do. a good point to learn how to use it before you need it. my family and friends know how to use this pen if need be, thanks to the training pen included in the eppy prescription.

Believe me, when you have to use it, you will figure it out.  You need to make sure your friends and loved ones also know how to use it, in case you can't.

I guess I am going to have to start carrying mine with me all the time again.  The doctor said the chemo has likely wiped out the allergy shots.  After I have the stem cell transplant, I will have to be retested to see if I still have the allergies to wasps/hornets or not.  Basically, I will be getting the donors immune system.


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