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this applies for the USA.........if anyone needs bees tested in canada, please ask, perry can probably post the info to do so.

i started this thread based on a question by LazyBkpr in this thread:

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LazyBkpr's question was:
"I read one of Perry's posts about having his bees tested...    I do not think many of us know HOW to have their bees tested,, if not a section, then perhaps just a thread by those who have done it about what to do, where to send them.. freeze the bees and send them on ice?     How exactly DO you have bees tested when they die suddenly? How much does it cost?

the answer was posted by robo in the same thread:
forum remodel options and suggestions

robo's answer:

It is free,  or prepaid by your tax dollars, however you want to look at it.

Submission of Samples for Diagnosis:

General Instructions
••Beekeepers, bee businesses, and regulatory officials may submit samples.
••Samples are accepted from the United States and its territories; samples are NOT accepted from other countries.
••Include a short description of the problem along with your name, address, phone number or e-mail address.
••There is no charge for this service.
••For additional information, contact Sam Abban by phone at (301) 504-8821 or e-mail:
How to Send Adult Honey Bees
••         Send at least 100 bees and if possible, select bees that are dying or that died recently. Decayed bees are not satisfactory for examination.
••         Bees should be placed in and soaked with 70% ethyl, methyl, or isopropyl alcohol as soon as possible after collection and packed in leak-proof containers.
••         USPS, UPS, and FedEx do no accept shipments containing alcohol. Just prior to mailing samples, pour off all excess alcohol to meet shipping requirements.
••         Do NOT send bees dry (without alcohol).
How to send brood samples
••A comb sample should be at least 2 x 2 inches and contain as much of the dead or discolored brood as possible. NO HONEY SHOULD BE PRESENT IN THE SAMPLE.
••The comb can be sent in a paper bag or loosely wrapped in a paper towel, newspaper, etc. and sent in a heavy cardboard box. AVOID wrappings such as plastic, aluminum foil, waxed paper, tin, glass, etc. because they promote decomposition and the growth of mold.
••If a comb cannot be sent, the probe used to examine a diseased larva in the cell may contain enough material for tests. The probe can be wrapped in paper and sent to the laboratory in an envelope.
Send samples to:
Bee Disease Diagnosis
Bee Research Laboratory
10300 Baltimore Ave. BARC-East
Bldg. 306 Room 316
 Beltsville Agricultural Research Center - East
Beltsville, MD 20705

perry's posts (what LazyBkpr was referring to) are here on this thread started by Zweefer discussing this topic "Research shows there is little risk to pollinators from neonicotinoids, including one of its class, the commonly used imidacloprids..."

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Bee Disease Diagnosis Service

How to Submit Samples For Diagnosis

Excellent!  Thank you very much!

I had a couple dead outs this winter and wanted to send a sample in hoping to find out why they died.  The line about freshly dead or dying bees and decayed bees not being satisfactory for testing threw me.  I'm not sure when they died but was certain it wasn't just the day before.  How long can they be dead before they are not satisfactory?  Does a decayed bee still look like a bee?  These did.  I still have them sitting on the counter in a fruit jar of alcohol.  Ted

this should be a sticky somewhere.  :)

this thread is stickied (thanks lee) ............'PESTS AND DISEASES'............. ;)


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