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DIY Telescoping Cover
« on: June 29, 2020, 11:48:06 am »
Telescoping covers are pretty straight forward.  I used to make mine with rabbit jointed boards, much like the bottom boards, but now I just put plywood on top and call it a day.  I also no longer bend metal for the tops, as I have found a couple coats of paint on all surfaces, and the covers will last many years...
I may make a traditional telescoping cover if I find some extra time, and if so, will create a new post on it...

This cover will be a bit lose, as I found when I made them to "standard" specs, that standard was anything but... Some were tight on commercially purchased boxes, while fine on others.  I now make them to have some give on both sides so I don;t have to worry about it.

**DISCLAIMER** I am using OSB for the top portion of the cover.  This is because it is what I had laying around, as I made these for the express purpose of this post, and didn’t feel the need to go out and buy new plywood or cut more 1 in stock, so OSB it was.   There has been discussions on the use of OSB for beekeeping woodenware in the past, and from what I have read, the chemicals that were most often cited were no longer in use for OSB after 2004. Another study stated that the highest emissions from the glue occur 6 weeks after manufacturing, so if you aren’t buying brand new stock, you should be good to go.
I personally wouldn’t use it, not because of a fear of chemicals, or degassing issues, but due to longevity.  Once moisture gets in them and then winter hits up here, OSB never lasts too long after…
Anyway, on with the post!
Materials needed:
1x6 6ft long
Plywood (I use 1/2" traditionally) at least 18-1/4" x 22"
Table Saw
Nails or screws

Cut the 1x6 into one 18-1/8" and one 21" piece.

Rabbit the edges on the ends of the 18-1/8 piece, 3/4", 3/8” deep along the end.

Rip the boards into 2" widths.

Cut plywood to 18-1/8" x 21-3/4"

Glue rabbit end and assemble.

glue top of box and fasten plywood to finish assembly.

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