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Bee Bread and Pollen
« on: September 21, 2021, 09:31:54 am »
I recently heard the health benefits of making and consuming bee bread.  My understanding is that Bee Bread helps promote  a strong immune system. I am considered immune compromised so it is worth a try to me.  Here is the recipe I followed:
2 parts honey
1 part frozen bee pollen

Mix in a sealed, dark container (or keep in a dark location).  Turn container over about 3 times a day, while keeping in a dark location, for about 2 weeks. I started small with a pint canning jar.

I am 11 days into this process and am starting to wonder how to consume the bee bread.  Does anyone have an experience with this?  How do you eat bee bread?
In the meanwhile I have been eating a pinch of frozen pollen daily.  My pinch has gradually gotten larger so I think I'll be able to eat bee bread without any issues.