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Food plot and the ATV.
« on: March 31, 2015, 08:59:32 am »
Have been thinking of doing a food plot across the creek trail this year. Decided that since it is across the creek and the area isn't all that big to use one of the tractors to use the ATV.

The ATV is a 1994 Polaris I bought new in May of that year. The plan was to use it deer hunting at my UP deer came and be able to cross the cranberry bogs which are a bear to cross on foot. It worked so well I used it to cross a bog on federal land. Along about December I get a letter in the mail from the US forest service. The letter said I had been seen using a off road machine on Federal land off a trail. They gave me a number to cal which I did. They said if I paid a $50.00 fine and didn't ride except on marked trails every thing would be fine.

Only took the ATV to deer camp two other times when I was going to be hunting alone and figured I could haul fire wood off my place with it and help get a deer out of the woods on my place.

I used it a lot here at home when I was building flower gardens for Kare. The electric starter stopped working in 2005 and the dealer wanted $50.00 just for the brushes for it. I just used the recoil started after that for about a year. that thing sure could use a compression release when hand starting it. Finally that to broke about mid year 2007. I pushed it to the far corner of the pole barn out of the way and just used one of the little tractors to do stuff with.

Whole brand new electric starter with the drive was only $57.00 off the net, recoil sheave is $73.00 but don't need it working as long as the starter works.

I sort of figured I would have to do some carb work on it after sitting so long. Not the case how ever I put the new starter on installed the battery and it started right up and idles smooth as silk after it gets warm.
The problem I have is the PVT or Polaris Variable Transmission, it is just a plain contifical clutch. I have 4 Polaris snow mobiles from 1981 to 2001 and the clutch on the ATV does not share any thing or even look the same. Decided the weights were crowddied (alum)   so lubed it up and let it set for about a week with me giving it a shot of lube about every other day.

Still isn't working and I guess I am going to have to pull the clutch and tear it down and hand polish every thing.

Any way that has been my project for the last couple weeks The cover over the clutch was a miserable bear to get off. Almost had to remove the rear fenders to get it done.

 ;D  Al
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Re: Food plot and the ATV.
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2015, 01:21:17 am »
Wife and I bought suzuki 250 quads back in about 2000..   Mine got overheated pulling the cable at the mud runs I used to host, and it went to smoking after that..  I had to use either to start it, then it would start and run fine all day...  until the carb went bad on my wifes machine.. so I stole myu carb for it.. then she lost her key, and I stole the switch from mine as well...   It has been sitting about 6 years now, still using the wifes..  Works great to pull a drag with after disking the yard with the fergy..  Leveled things out wonderfully.
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