Author Topic: Textbook Supersedure Example of Using a Frame of Eggs for Queenless Hive  (Read 1204 times)

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This is old news to the salts but a good example and affirmation to the new beeks.  Transferred five nucs to full size Langs on the June 4th.  I didn't see any evidence of a queen in one of them (no brood, eggs or larvae).  And, they had that classic frenzy buzzing and moving about.  Of course, I looked for 1 to 2 day old eggs.  Placed the frame in the Lang and checked them today, June 8.  I have 5-6 supersedure cells being attended to.  It's very cool and reassuring to see this procedure work.  I am lucky it is very early in the season to allow this hive to build.  I added a photo at the bottom that shows the larvae floating on a bed of royal jelly.  A queen should be laying eggs in 23-30 days.  I will update this thread when I check in on the hive.


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That second pic is a beauty! :yes:
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I made a split a few weeks ago with a frame of eggs using OTS, found eggs in the split today, now to get them built up.

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awesome video and pic dave!  looks great!  looking forward to updates!
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