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Gift Baskets = Final
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:33:51 pm »
So here are the 2 different size baskets in their final configuration. Jane and I staged these, and will take all the baskets back to the "Plank" along with all the bee products, and they will add the excelsior (fine wood stuffing), wooden honey dippers that they made for me, and then shrink wrap each crate/basket.
Each dipper = $1.50
Excelsior and shrink wrap = $1 per crate
Small crate = $2
Large crate = $2.50
Supporting a great organization and getting excellent service and value in return = Priceless! ;D

The smaller crates have 2 x 250 gram hex jars of honey (1 creamed and 1 liquid), 3 t-lites and a beeswax skep candle along with a honey dipper.

The larger crate has 2 x 500 gram jars of honey (1 creamed and 1 liquid), 3 t-lites and i skep as well as 1 pair of taper candles, with a honey dipper.

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