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Mikey N.C.:
I have a wooden ramp on outside deck that needs replaced. The problem is i have about 3 male bees hovering around. So im sure females are in the 2 ×6. I didn't want to kill them. If anyone has any suggestion please chime in.

Wandering Man:
Not sure how you are going to get rid of them without killing them.

first, i give you a lot of credit for recognizing the male carpenter bee vs the female carpenters! and for not wanting to spray them, but..........
they are and can be destructive.

the males cannot sting.....the females can.  not sure what the 'right' answer is here; considering that you are removing a wooden ramp on an outside deck, with a potential nest with eggs in the material (construction debris), i think your only alternative is to spray them.

A neighbor had a similar problem.  He filled the nest holes with wood caulk or similar substance.  I think he sealed the females in.   Sorry you are in this position, but as riverbee said, they can be very destructive.


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