Author Topic: De-crystallizing honey slow but sure  (Read 303 times)

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De-crystallizing honey slow but sure
« on: November 12, 2019, 06:50:34 am »
I found a slow, but effective method to de-crystallize honey.  This works only in small batches and if you have plenty of time.  The positive side to this method is you will not over heat your honey!
My story:
Many of you know I like to cook.  Sometimes I watch those fancy cooking competitions on TV.  I observed a chef on TV using the sous vide method to prepare something.  Since then I have seen this method used several times.  If you are not familiar, this is how it works.  Place your meat, eggs, etc. in a plastic bag with the air removed.  Submerge is in a water bath.  Place the sous vide device in the water and set the temperature (I did about 110 degrees) for how  ever long you want ( I set mine for about 2 hours, but kept checking on the de-crystallization).
When the honey was sufficiently heated to remove the sugar crystals, I stopped the process.
Results:  Works like a charm on small quantities of honey.  No over heated honey!  I still have honey that has a light color.
I am filling 2 oz. bears for wedding favors.  You get a lot of bears without using much honey in those small bears.  I filled 4 pint jars at a time, set the temperature, and set the time.  No worries about over heating.

I have used this device on pork chops, and they were very tender.

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Re: De-crystallizing honey slow but sure
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2019, 11:40:07 am »
Nice! I always enjoy your kitchen tips Baker. I remember Apis saying that when de-crystalizing, take the lid off of the container of honey because honey is a humectant, which means that honey attracts moisture to it. And that is why the honey is crystalized in the first place, that it is loosing moisture. Which of course is a serious issue in the Calif drought nowa days.

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