Author Topic: Asian Giant Hornets - Murder - Vespa Mandarinia Magnifica - Solution to protect?  (Read 688 times)

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If you haven't heard of these hornets, you will eventually...they're a problem in the making. You can search "murder hornets" for more information. Ideally, these hornets will be eradicated, or kept to minimal populations..but maybe not:(

They invade and destroy bee colonies/hives.

Since the hornets are physically WAY bigger than the bees, couldn't we just put a screen over the hives? Holes big enough for the bees, but too small for the hornets?

That's just an off the cuff thought I had of a way to immediately protect the beehive.

What do you folks think?

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New2Bees, welcome to the forum.  I see this is your first post.
The Asian Hornet is making all the social media posts these days.  I believe they were spotted in Washington State?
My hope is that the spread will be similar to the Africanized Honey Bee. Yes, AHB are a big issue in Texas and the Gulf states.  It was predicted that they would be moved up to Kansas by now, and so far so good.  Occasionally we get a hot hive that we need to requeen.  I have had one of those myself. 
Yellow Jackets are an issue here.  They are a menace to bees and people.

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If u read the social media crap, they also say that Japanese honey bees , found a way to smother hornet and over heat it. That's what they all do.

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I'm a couple days late to the party, but welcome New2Bees!  Why don't you pop over to the Welcome forum and introduce yourself?
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