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Just got to old.
« on: July 12, 2017, 08:35:26 am »
When I was younger and my dad was alive and younger also to help, We would load a pair of tractors on my trailer chain them down, trailer them to a show. Many times we would do 3 trips so we had 6 tractors at a show or do one trip and have two tractors at antique tractor pulls.

But dad passed away in 2005 and now at 70 years old I find I am tired of lugging chains binders and the ramps to load tie down and unload tractors any longer.
But I still like old antique tractors, trucks and cars. Told Kare we should get a car and had one in mind.

This is a 1985 Buick LaSaber Limited collectors edition. I met the car when it was very new when Kare took me to see her folks a week before we got married. It was her moms car, to replace a 1976 Olds tornados she drove to work in Flint at AC Spark plug.

She did drive the LaSaber to work much as dad (retired) got in the habit of driving mom to work and getting her to come home. When the car got 70,000 miles on it Mom was retired also but would not go any place in the car. It was just to old and unreliable was her feelings. Dad said they didn't need two new cars so his became the new car and the LaSaber became dad's pet car.
It was drove last some time early 2009, Dad passed in Nov 2009. I started asking mom to sell the car to me in 2011, and she kept saying no till August 2016.

We got a couple things done last fall before bad weather. But have been very busy this spring with the AC needing to be recharged removing the R 12 Freon and the oil, adding R 134 Freon and the oil for it. Replacing the two front tires dad bought or it in 1998, still had great tread but the steel belt came loose and shifted in one making the front thump down the road. Finding some one who will paint it for us. Isn't easy to find some one that wants to strip the dead paint off and redo it with all the chrome removed. We found a guy yesterday but he can't get to it till Sept. Fine with us we will still take it to cruise night here and there and week end shows.
Is a comfort to get inside the plush interior and turn the key, shift into gear turning the air on and go.

:D  Al

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